WRE Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2

Competition Instructions (WRE)

National Orienteering Competition, World Ranking Event (WRE)


FinnSpring in Sauvo, Finland, April 22, 2023


These competition instructions are preliminary. The final version can be seen in the competition centre on April 22.

Event organizer

Orienteering club Rastipiikkiö and Sauvon Urheilijat

Main officials


Event Director:        Harri Lukander tel. +358 50 052 3832, e-mail:  finnspring2023@gmail.com 

Main Course Setter:       Antti Ketonen, e-mail:  ajketonen@gmail.com 

Info:        Salla Sergelius / Hanna Tähkävuori finnspring2023@gmail.com  +358 50 582 0084‬

Result Service:        Niko-Petteri Salo      +358 40 5705672

Media:        Terho Puustinen    +35840 046 6455; terho.puustinen@puremedia.fi

English-Speaking  Contact Person:  Salla Sergelius  +358 50 582 0084; finnspring2023@gmail.com

Course Controller:         Ilkka Nokka       ilkkanokka@gmail.com 

WRE Event Adviser:         Johan Uusimäki        johan.uusimaki@gmail.com

Jury: Markku Sipponen, head (Paimion Rasti, head), Pertti Salmenoja (Hirvensalon Heitto), Rita Wickholm (OK Trian



Event Information



IOF WRE rules:



The rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation as well as instructions given by the organizer and the International Orienteering Federation will be applied in the competition. The rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation are available on the website www.suunnistusliitto.fi

WRE classes, course lengths and climb

M21E                                14,7 km                 280 m                     28 controls           2 refreshment points

W21E                                10,8 km                 240 m                     22 controls           2 refreshment points

M21EB                             12,3 km                 230 m                     22 controls           2 refreshment points

W21EB                             8,9 km                   170 m                     12 controls           2 refreshment points

Competition Terrain

The competition area mainly consists of detailed bare-rock terrain typical of southwestern Finland. Runnability is mostly very good. Some roads across the map, hardly any trails. The competition map is the first orienteering map compiled of the area since the 90s.


Competition Map

Scale 1:15 000, contour interval 5 m, offset print 4/2023. Map size A3. A model map can be seen at the start. The competition maps are in plastic cases.

Out-of-Bounds Areas

Areas indicated with vertical stripes in purple on the competition map as well as all settlement areas are forbidden to enter. Entering an out-of-bounds area leads to disqualification. A competitor is allowed to enter the competition area only during his/her own competition performance.

Model Control

A model control can be seen next to the guiding pole in the competition centre.

Punching System and Emit Cards

Electronic Emit punching system is in use. A competitor is responsible for that he/she has a functional Emit card. It is not allowed to compete with a broken card. A competitor competing with an Emit card not marked in the start list will be disqualified, if the card change is not made at the Info prior to the start.

A card can be used only once during the competition. Check the functionality of your card at the model control prior to your start. Note that punching units on actual competition controls do not have a blinking function.

Check your Emit card number on the start list and, if needed, make a number change at the Info prior to the start.

It’s possible to hire an Emit card at the Info for 5 €. The number of hire cards is limited. A change of the Emit card number at the Info costs 10 €.

Hired Emit cards must be returned to the Info after the competition. Hired cards not returned will be charged at 95 € each.

NB. An Emit card with a display may show a different control code than that on the control.

Competition Centre


Address of the competition centre: Osmalahdentie 232, only bikes!!

All parking is situated in the centre of Sauvo, navigation address: Saustilantie 10.

Non-stop Bus transfer from parking to the competition venue. Price, 2e, is to be paid before traveling back. Instructions in the bus and competition centre, info.


First Aid Points

There is a first aid point in the competition centre. In the terrain, there are no specific first aid points, but you may contact any starting point if needed.

Start Lists

Start lists can be seen on the results board in the competition centre and at the start as well as on the website https://2023.finnspring.net/lahtoajat/ 


First starts are at 11:00 a.m.

Start n:o 1: Classes M/W21E. Distance from the competition centre: 1,5 km (road / path).

Check the signposting tape colour at the guiding pole. The signposting to the start must be followed. Toilets are situated by the signposting, about 100-300m before the start.

There is no quarantine zone in any class.


Competition Numbers, Emit Control Slips and Control Descriptions

Competition numbers are used  in classes M/W21E. The numbers are available at the competition centre as self service. Note: take your own safety pins!

Emit card control slips are available at the start.

Control descriptions are printed on the competition map and also available separately at the start. There are neither attaching equipment nor covers available.

Sizes of the separate control descriptions are:

W21E 60 mm x 155 mm

W21EB 60 mm x 120 mm

M21E 50 mm x 1650 mm

M21EB 50 mm x 130 mm

Start Procedure

The competitor is called out four minutes prior to his/her starting time.

Emit card is reset three minutes prior to the starting time; this is on the responsibility of the competitor. The start is silent, no competitors will be called by name.

The competition map can be seen two minutes prior to the starting time.

The competitor moves next to his/her map one minute prior to the starting time.

The competitor can take the map at the starting moment. There is a signposted route to the starting point.


There is a marked route from the last control to the finish. Remember to punch on the finish line!

After the finish, the competitor continues to the Emit data extraction point. Unclear cases are solved immediately. The finish will be closed at 5:00 p.m.

Competitors are not allowed to show the map to anyone before the final start, fair play!


Dropped out competitors must report at the finish or, alternatively, pass on the information about dropping out to the finish through another person.


Possible complaints regarding results can be filed at the Info next to the finish not later than 15 minutes after the final results of the class in question have been published. Complaints filed thereafter will not be dealt with.


Prize-giving takes place after the results are clear. The number of awarded competitors can be seen on the results board. Prizes that are not picked up will not be sent or delivered afterwards. In classes M/W21E, there will be a prize-giving ceremony.


Returning Maps

Competitors keep their maps after their performance. According to the rules, it is forbidden to show the map or competition course to other competitors or coaches. This also applies to showing courses on old maps. If this ethical guidance is violated, all concerned competitors may be disqualified.


Dressing and Washing

Dressing and washing take place in the competition centre in outdoor conditions.The water in the washing is in buckets and the water is warm. No washing with soap. No washing place for gear.

Ban on Spike Shoes

Wearing spike shoes in the competition is forbidden, but shoes with studs are permitted

Toilets and Waste Management

Toilets are located in the competition centre, see marked route from the guiding pole. In addition, there are toilets in starts.

There are garbage collection points in the competition centre. Sorting is done independently.

Food and Beverage

There is a restaurant in competition centre serving food,  sandwiches, coffee, other beverages etc. Menu: 

  1. meat soup, bread, water

  2. Vege soup, bread, water

  3. chicken stew, water

Children’s Day Care

There is a children’s day care point in the competition centre. 

Open Courses

An open course orienteering available at 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Course alternatives: 3 km (easy), 5 km (demanding) and 7 km (demanding). Entries to open courses at competition center info (cash or card payment); map fee 12 €/course, under 16-year-olds 6 €/course. Different courses saturday and sunday!

The open course start and finish are located 1 km from the competition centre.                  

The organizer wishes everyone welcome as well as good luck in the competition!